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    • “The rapid technological progress surpassed their experience to keep up with it. They might be left behind. For example, they might know there are threats online, but they don’t know how to spot them. Project like e-Protect fill this gap.” _Adult trainer (Ireland)

    • “I have become quite familiar with the use of the e-Protect toolkit, and I have found its potential to be extended far beyond the narrow target group of seniors and safe internet use.” _Adult trainer (Cyprus)

    • “The toolkit shows me the possible challenges that can occur at any given time when working with seniors, and it goes one-step beyond. It also gives me valuable suggestions on how to overcome them.” _Adult trainer (France)

    • “I have always enjoyed teaching and training. There is a beautiful thing about it; when you train or teach, you realize that it is not as easy as you have imagined. The e-protect toolkit helps to feel more confident with helpful information you might not have thought about.” _Adult trainer (Cyprus)

    • “The toolkit shows me possible challenges when working with seniors and suggestions to how to overcome them.” __Trainer (Switzerland)

    • “The Toolkit includes interesting information that can be useful to adult trainers. It is also an easy-to-read document that helps the person reading it become familiar with the content.” _Trainer (Greece)

    • “I have been using the e-learning platform since it was introduced to me by a friend. I answer the questions of the competency scale. I can now enroll on other online courses and learn even more.” _Senior (Cyprus)

    • “The e-learning platform gives opportunity to learn more on internet security at any time.” _Senior (Switzerland).”

    • “Sometimes I’m not sure how to do some things. On the e-learning platform I can look it up.” _Senior (Switzerland)

    • “I liked the platform since it was easy to be used and it included courses on topics that i hadn’t read before. It is important that people like you do such courses for us that focus on our needs. However, to enter the platform you have to be able to use the internet, otherwise you cannot do it.”_Senior (Greece)