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Consumer Behavior & protection

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Digital Marketplaces Module 3
Access and navigate in digital marketplaces Quiz 0
Search for goods and services Quiz 0
Evaluate and compare results Quiz 0
Make decisions critically Quiz 0
Buyer rights & seller responsibilities Module 2
Know the digital marketplace rules Quiz 0
Evaluate the reliability of sellers Quiz 0
Assert consumer rights Quiz 0
Provide support and redress Quiz 0
Commercial Advertisements Module 2
Recognize commercial communication Quiz 0
Evaluate marketing information Quiz 0
Interpret online advertisting practices Quiz 0
Optimize direct marketing Quiz 0
Responsible consumption Module 2
Understand the impact of consumer behavior Quiz 0
Evaluate the enviromental impact of consuming choices Quiz 0
Applying socially responsible consumption Quiz 0
Advocate sustainable consumption Quiz 0

Data Protection & Privacy

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Understand how and why data are collected Quiz 0
Recognize privacy policy terms Quiz 0
Take measures to protect personal data Quiz 0
Manage given personal data Quiz 0
Recognize the use of digital identity Quiz 0
Build digital identities Quiz 0
Manage preferences and interests Quiz 0
Enjoy the benefits of online profiles Quiz 0
Understand the dynamic of social media Quiz 0
Interact responsibly in digital communities Quiz 0
Adjust privacy settings on social media Quiz 0
Contribute positively through social media Quiz 0

Online Payments & Transactions

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Payments & Finances Module 2
Know the available financial services Quiz 0
Access secure payment channels Quiz 0
Initiate safe payments Quiz 0
File transactions Quiz 0
Online Banking Module 2
Create online banking account Quiz 0
Manage bank accounts Quiz 0
Initiate money transfers and routine payments Quiz 0
Manage banking services Quiz 0
Security Measures & Threats Module 1
Be informed on threats and frauds Quiz 0
Recognize online threats and attacks Quiz 0
Challenge fraudulent use Quiz 0
Redress and obtain reimbursement Quiz 0


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Title Type Downloads/Completions
Engaging the Elderly in the Digital World Module 13
Teaching Styles, Methods and Practices Module 9
The Role of adult trainers in educating elderly people Module 5
The e-Protect Competency Scale Module 4
The e-Protect Curricula Module 4
Preparing the classes Module 5
The e-Protect e-Learning Space Module 3
Bibliography Module 3
Partners Module 2